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We here at Snuggles New England understand that the motivated, ambitious work ethic so characteristic of our roots and necessary for our ability to thrive as we have done, can also leave us feeling overworked, tired, and over-stressed.  Over the years we have found that one of the best and fastest forms of stress relief is through therapeutic platonic cuddling – or just cuddling!  To meet the need of highly motivated individuals that so characterize our New England neighbors, we launched professional cuddling in 2014 and found that the need is even bigger than we initially thought.

If you’re one of us needing a little relaxation and relief, you’re at the right place.
We’ve found that platonic cuddling is beneficial for:

Therapeutic benefits
Fosters friendship through human connection
Feels wonderful

Relax in a cozy, intimate setting and unwind.  Find a cuddle partner Your relaxation is just a few clicks away; or read on to learn more!

Platonic cuddling is proven to increase relaxing hormones which help regulate sleep and neuron patterns in the brain. Science has shown that cuddling has numerous benefits, both to the immune system as well as our mental health. Cuddling is best known for increasing oxytocin but it also boosts your immune system’s fighting capabilities as well as increases numerous other chemicals in our brain and strengthens the serotonin pathway.

You don’t need to know or understand any of the technicalities of why cuddling is good for you in order to benefit and enjoy a great session. Connect with our professional snugglers, rated 5 stars for the past 4 years, to focus on you and your comfort in relaxing and beautiful space.
For us, the best part of a cuddle session is reminding ourselves yet again what a simple, relaxing, and connecting escape feels like. Book today: snugglesnewengland@gmail.com or visit the contact us page.

Available weekday evenings and weekend days/evenings by appointment.
1-2 hours $95/hr
3-6 hours $85/hr
Longer sessions please contact for rates.


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