Cuddling Real World Benefits

There’s no denying that cuddling feels marvelous.  In fact, after a long day or a tough week, nothing quite has the stress-reducing ability like a good cuddle does.  It often feels like the stress is being cuddled right out of us or that electricity is running through our neuron pathways to re-align the communication patterns of the whole body.
Other times, it just feels like all the tension is being magnetically pulled out of us, increasing relaxation with each minute until you’re left a happy puddle of goo.

Cuddling is amazing, and it takes almost know skill or practice to be good at it. To celebrate some of our favorite, amazing effects cuddling has on us, here is a now pretty well known compilation of some of the proven benefits.

Information following this is not original, but we find it super awesome so wanted to share.  The source for this compilation is in the link – enjoy!

  1. Cuddling Helps You Sleep
    – this is one of our favorites.  I don’t sleep very well and can end up an insomniac most nights of the week, but after a good cuddle or two, I sleep like I rarely have.  I also wake up refreshed and ready for the world – and in quite the good mood!  This is accomplished by the release of oxytocin (we’ve said this bit before), which has a side effect of inhibiting cortisol, which is the stress hormone that often puts us on edge in periods of high stress.  For us, this is pretty often, but reducing it’s production through the release of oxytocin after cuddling allows the body to fully relax and enjoy a restful sleep.
  2. Lowers Risk of Heart Disease
    – this one I recently found out about, and we at Snuggles New England are celebrating! It’s not a secret that stress is responsible for a myriad of health issues, and in my research into some common cancers, I’m finding it playing a pretty large role.  Cuddling helps reduce stress, see the method above, and this has the added effect of decreasing blood pressure which then reduces the risk for heart disease. When the heart isn’t working to deal with high blood pressure, it’s able to stay healthier longer.  Another point for cuddling!
  3. Reduces Social Anxiety
    – We have long suspected that cuddling is good for the brain, and now we have some evidence.  Cuddling helps release a cocktail of hormones that leads to optimism and a happier outlook.  Now we are finding that this reduces social anxiety, which can have so many wins in many areas of our lives.  To this we say, fantastic! More cuddling please!
  4. Boosts the immune system
    – this is one we’ve known for a long time and have seen work in our own lives over and over.  We have way fewer sick days when getting a healthy amount of cuddles (wink) no matter who coughs or chooses to be sick right next to us at our day jobs. Our bodies are happier and healthier when getting cuddled, in so many ways.

    For a complete list of 10 benefits of cuddling, see the original content here:

    As always, wishing you Happy Cuddling.

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