Cuddler Agreement


Snuggles New England LLC
Client Service Contract
I understand and agree to all of the following:

1. No sexual activity is permitted. If a client tries to force themselves sexually onto a snuggler, the snuggler has the
right to leave.
2. Both parties will remain clothed the entire session. If either party needs to change clothing this will be done in
private and out of sight of the other party. If a client shows off areas normally covered by undergarments purposely,
the snuggler has the right to leave. If the client has a clothing request that is season appropriate, you may ask
(example: a snuggler being asked to wear a red sweater in winter instead of a blue long sleeve shirt).
3. No touching in areas covered by undergarments is permitted. If this occurs, the snuggler has the right to leave. No
kissing is allowed.
4. Phone contact between snuggler and client is to schedule appointments ONLY.
5. All appointments must go through Snuggles New England.
6. Snuggles New England knows all appointment dates, times, and locations. Snugglers will check in after appointments
to confirm they left safely.
7. The snuggler will not break any federal, city, state or county laws, statutes or regulations while performing services
with the client.
8. The client will not break any federal, city, state or county laws, statutes or regulations while with the snuggler.
9. If a snuggler’s safety is at risk, a snuggler may carry a non-lethal personal defense item to defend themselves.
10. Pre-payment of 50% for each session is due at time of booking. Balance is due before the session or at the very
start of one.
11. If you cancel multiple appointments within 12 hours of a session and want another session in the future, you may
be asked to pay a pre-payment fee of the full session cost.
12.Cleanliness and adequate hygiene is required by both parties. This specifically includes showering/teeth brushed
within 12 hours of the appointment, wearing freshly laundered clothing, and no (or minimal) perfume/cologne be worn by both parties unless requested.
13.The client agrees hereby to indemnify and hold harmless Snuggles New England LLC from any and all claims by
the client which may arise out of and in the course of service. The client releases Snuggles New England LLC from any
14. No specific information regarding the client will ever be shared with another party outside of what is outlined in this agreement unless I, as the client, give written or e-mail permission to Snuggles New England LLC for a specific purpose.
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