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Samra is our first featured cuddler and can be requested on our contact form or in our emails.




Experience the healing power of platonic touch in a serene, beautiful, comfortable, and temperature-controlled space. I’m walking distance from the MBTA green line and within easy access to 95/128, Rt 9 & 16, and I-90 with plenty of private off-street parking.
My idea of a perfect cuddle is a squishy, squeezy, comfy, platonic snuggle. I love being stroked along my back, arms, and legs and finding positions that maximize surface area contact for relieving stress and happy chemical induction. A silly/fun or stimulating conversation is nice, as well as comfortable, relaxed silence. Tell me what you like or if you have yet to figure that out, and let’s get snuggly. Time to cuddle!

Rate schedule:

1hr – 95
1.5 hr – 140
2hr – 190
2.5hr – 235
3hr – 280
3.5hr – 320
4hr – 360

Additional half hour – 45
5 hour block (Fri and Sat eve/wkend day): 450

Hours and half hours can be added on either before the session or during.

Upcoming availability:

6/3 Monday 7:30p – 10p
6/4 Tuesday 8p – 10p
6/5 Wednesday 7p – 10:30p
6/6 Thursday 8p – 11p


I’m an infectious disease research scientist who enjoys hiking, dancing, and any silly adventure I can come across. I enjoy reading and learning about novel ideas or new-to-me thought processes. Cuddling is one of my favorite ways to connect and de-stress, and before venturing into professional cuddling just over 5 years ago, I had been cuddling with friends to get that relaxed feeling.

Science has shown that cuddling has numerous benefits, both to the immune system as well as our mental health. Cuddling is best known for releasing oxytocin but it also boosts your immune system’s fighting capabilities as well as releases numerous other chemicals in our brain and strengthens the serotonin pathway.
You don’t need to know or understand any of the technicalities of why cuddling is good for you – science doesn’t yet either! In order to benefit and  enjoy a great session, just remind yourself yet again what a simple, relaxing, and connecting escape feels like. Let’s connect!


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